Christian Ferlaino

alto, soprano & baritone saxophones, live-electronics, bagpipe.

Italian musician living and working in the Netherlands. Trained musically in the vivid creative scene of Bologna, he studied saxophone with Achille Succi and Edoardo Marraffa. He attended the summer seminars of Siena Jazz, Roccella Jonica, Nuoro Jazz where he won a scholarship. Interested in any kind of music he played rock, jazz, funk and folk. Graduated in ethnomusicology at D.A.M.S. he took a Master Degree in Jazz at the Conservatory of Bologna. His love for music and his fascination for computers let him to work on digital sound processing, mainly for visual art and video. In 2005 he won the Iceberg Festival, young artists prize in Bologna, playing with the piano player Alberto Fiori. He composes for and plays the baritone saxophone in Comanda Barabba, a modern jazz quintet which reached a great success of critics with it’s CD Live in Rome recorded in Radio 3 studios, the Italian National Broadcast. Whith EL, a quartet with Alberto Fiori, Francesco Guerri and Giovanni Falvo, realises Electric Leak co-produced with Santarcangelo dei Teatri and Ortosonico. Founder ot the association GNU with which they organize and perform free-improvisation jam sessions with the aim to keep in touch with musicians from different backgrounds with a social and musical point of view.

Beside Comanda Barabba, he currently performs permanently with the following bands:

New Dog (as composer and bandleader) with Natalio Sued, Adan Mizrahi and Tristan Renfrow.

Pumporgan with Dirk Bruinsma, Michael Szafirowski, Nout Ingen Housz and Wilbert Bulsink.

Tranepainting, with the painter Paolo Parisi in an action painting for jazz trio and brushes.

All Ellington a project about Duke Ellington’s music runned by the cornet player Eric Boeren, with Jodi Gilbert, Michael Moore, Natalio Sued, Jimmy Sernesky, Joost Buis, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Wilbert de Joode and Michael Vatcher.


He has played with:

Fabrizio Puglisi, Edoardo Marraffa, Alberto Capelli, Thollem Mc Donas, Tristan Honsinger, Louis Barnes, Lullo Mosso, Giovanni Majer, Scott Rosenberg, Teatrino Clandestino, Hannah Marshall, Garrison Fewell, Domenico Caliri, Irian Lopez Rodriguez, Raoul Van der Weide, Wim Jannsen, Frank van Bommel, Felicity Provan, Joost Buis, John Dikeman, Han Bennink.

Workshops and masterclasses with:

William Parker, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Muhall R. Abrahams, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Egberto Gismonti, Francois Jeanneau, Rob Brown, Javier Girotto, Michel Godard, Chris Speed, John Surman, Rabih Abu Kahlil, Barre Phillips.

Music for theatre, performances and multimedia:

– He wrote the music for the video Delle acque del Garda by Pierpaolo and Christian Ferlaino for Festival della Lettura in Riva del Garda.

– He edited the music for the short movie Olive and La distrazione, both by P. Ferlaino and C. Metallo, and for Rotzuma 2 by Kioshi Takeuda.

– Edited music for theatre, in kid’s shows La favola delle tre melarance & Per, directed by Livia Gionfrida.