Luca Bernard – doublebass, vocals, performing
Born in Foggia, Southern Italy, he grew as a punk electric-bass player, yet dealing with the practice of improvisation from the very beginning. Mainly a natural for many years, Luca soon fell in love with doublebass and switched to it, dedicating himself to the study of jazz technique (with Pietro Leveratto in Siena Jazz and Paolo Ghetti at the conservatoire) and following remarkable  workshops, firstly in that cultural center known as “Popular School of Music Ivan Illich” in Bologna (city where in the meanwhile he graduated in philosophy and where he  currently lives) with the likes of  Barre Phillips, Tristan Honsinger, Eugenio Sanna, Scott Rosenberg and Thollem McDonas. Further, the musical encounter with Anthony Braxton as well as the several times he crossed the paths with William Parker – with whom he had the opportunity to study with a scholarship in S.Anna Arresi Festival – came to feed his musical thoughts.
Concerned with the musical scene at large, Luca has played music for movies and theatre (Fausto Paravidino), dealing with contemporary jazz bands (Noizland, Comanda Barabba) and with the old-school blues band the Jacknives (with harp player M.Pandolfi); he toured all over Europe, hosted in many festivals as Jazzin’It, Festival Internazionale di Jazz – S.Anna Arresi, Angelica, Orsara Jazz, Rapperswil Blues’n’Jazz, Collateral Festival, Sismics Festival, Ceglie Open Jazz, Valle Maggia Blues Festival, Metastasio Jazz, and in clubs and venues in Switzerland, Kosovo, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Slovenia, USA, and sharing the stage with some great musician as Lewis “Flip” Barnes (from W.Parker Qt.), Taylor Ho Bynum, Garrison Fewell, Umberto Petrin; bluesmen like Paul Oscher, Bob Margolin, David Lee Durham, Alex Schultz; and Fabrizio Puglisi, Pasquale Mirra, Barre Phillips’ Fete Foreign, Antonio Borghini, Donato Stolfi, Francesco Guerri, Carla Bozulich’ Evangelista, Olaf Rupp, Sebi Tramontana, John Russell, Enrico Sartori, Mirko Sabatini, Patrizio Fariselli, John Clarke, among many others
Involved in the educational programs carried out by the aforementioned Illich School and by the International Museum of Music in Bologna as well – where he conceives and leads a lot of musical workshops addressed to very different ages – Luca fairly moves where different arts meet, and lately has undertaken training classes in vocal and body expression (with Francesca Valente, Germana Giannini and Beatrice Sarti).

Recent collaborations include performances of contemporary artist Francesca Grilli [“La Conversazione”, MaMBo_2010 (Bo), “IRON”, DroDeSera_2012 (Tn), 2013 Capital A (Amsterdam)];
Trainpainting, a performance where action-painting meets a impro-jazz trio (Bernard, C.Ferlaino & Giovanni Falvo with Paolo Parisi on brushes and canvas);
Boduàr, with multi-reeds player Luca Serrapiglio and Andrea Serrapiglio as sound engineer, in a piéce where the two Lucas are actors, singers, and instantaneous composers around the lyrics of poets such as M.Gualtieri, S.Penna, P.Cavalli, E.Sanguineti;
Mamamusica, an ensemble to perform music for infants and toddlers with their parents, giving music the power to enrich everyone’s life since the early childhood and restoring the social value of the chant.

“dark and throaty doublebass (like Big Crawford or Dixon)”