Tim Trevor-Briscoe (alto saxophone, clarinet)

Italo-Brit, Tim T-B grew up in London and now lives in Bologna. Initially excelling as a classical soloist, he then focused on improvisation in jazz and a wide range of genres.

Most important releases are with projects: One Hot Afternoon, Underflow (Leo Records); Ance Migratorie, Comanda Barabba (Bassesferec), the latter of which he co-founded and was voted in the best band of the year category by “Musica Jazz”; Jacarè (Alfa Music), Classica Orchestra Afrobeat (Sidecar).

Tim has played in many internationally acclaimed festivals, theatres and venues in Italy and abroad (Bologna International Jazz, Crossroads, Metastasio Jazz, Orsara Jazz, Angelica, Bologna Estate (pzza.St.Stefano), Santarcangelo, Ceglie Open Jazz, Kanjiza Improv, and tours in Brazil, US, UK, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Belgium, Kosovo, Hungary…), receiving critical recognition from national and international press as well as 1st prize in prestigious competitions such as Iceberg Angelica and “Movin’ Up”. He has attended inspiring master-classes such as Dave Liebman’s in the USA and has had the fortune of collaborating with many excellent musicians such as Achille Succi, Antonio Borghini, Alvin Curran, Billy Bang, Beppe Scardino, Chico Cesar, Cristina Renzetti, Cristina Zavalloni, Eugenio Colombo, Davide Garattoni, Eugene Chadbourne, Enrico Sartori, Fabrizio Puglisi, Francesco Cusa, Gabriele Mirabassi, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Guglielmo Pagnozzi, Henry Grimes, John Serri, Marco Frattini, Marcello Magliocchi, Mirko Sabatini, Nicola Guazzalcoa, Olivia Bignardi, Pasquale Mirra, Paul Flaherty, Piero Bittolo Bon, Riccardo Pittau, Rocco Papia, Seun Kuti, Stefano De Bonis, Silvia Donati, Sergio Krakowski, Szilard Mezei, Taylor Ho Bynum, Thollem Mc. Donas, Trio Madeira,Tristan Honsinger, Vincenzo Vasi and others.

“ …inspiration and fluency…” (All About Jazz, A.Leonardi)

“…extraordinary on the alto and clarinet. No-one plays like this. There is something raw and
revealing…” (G.Mimmo, Arimani Records)

“…his [extemporary] pieces make solid good sense at every turn…” (Wire, Brian Morton)

“…a sweet, yet intellectual approach with a love of pure tone…” (Cadece, P.McNelly)

“…an expert, incredibly agile saxophonist…” (Musica Jazz, L.Farnè)